How to Get That Higher Paying Job
Uncategorized / September 1, 2015

HOW TO GET THAT HIGHER PAYING JOB BY NOTED PROFESSOR BRUCE EDWARD BEAL HAS BEEN HERALDED as “The Holy Grail of Employment Books It is non-fictional and contains many extremely valuable tips and proven techniques that will enable its user to amplify their chances to get that often elusive higher paying job. It will be an extraordinary edge in the hands of an ambitious person. “HOW TO GET THAT HIGHER PAYING JOB”is intended as an easy to read helpful guide to all those who want greater employment opportunities. It will be especially useful for graduating college seniors and those high school graduates who have elected to enter directly into the work force. Much of its content is a traditional application of good salesmanship to valid questions of a perspective employer. Without a doubt”HOW TO GET THAT HIGHER PAYING JOB” will help THE READER achieve not only his/her employment goals but personal goals as well.   Details: Price: $6.99 ISBN-13: 9780971231092 ISBN-10: 0971231095 Publisher:¬†ZWORLDNET PUBLISHING INC. Page Count: 101