Standing at the Edge of Madness

September 1, 2015

Standing at the Edge of Madness

On May 14, 1970, a heavily armed band of rogue Mississippi Highway Patrolmen unleashed a savage barrage of gunfire on innocent unarmed Black students at Jackson State College in Jackson MS, just to make a cruel racist point. For many this horrendous event changed their lives forever.  But for one man in particular who was wounded and severely scarred as a result of this terrible, infamous historical event, it also set him on an incredible journey to the “Edge of Madness” that changed his life as well as all of the lives of this book’s readers forever.

“Standing at the Edge of Madness” is an extraordinary novel about a young Black College kid growing up in the racially charged atmosphere of the deep South who is forced to face and overcome unbelievable obstacles to survive and ultimately succeed.  The story line begins with the author’s riveting eyewitness account of the brutal shootings and murders of innocent college students at Jackson State College in 1970.

These atrocities were boldly carried out by rogue members of the most feared law enforcement agency of the period, THE MISSISSIPPI HIGHWAY PATROL.  It is from this horrifying incident that “Standing at the Edge of Madness” takes shape and explodes forward into the present day with a totally enthralling story line that will keep its readers on the edge of their seats.

For years, the Mississippi Highway Patrol was known as the most feared law enforcement agency in the South.  Horrible stories filled the national news, radio airways and circulated in Black communities across America about how they pulled innocent Black men over for nothing on the highway, dragged them out of their cars in front of their wives and little children, AND BEAT THEM UNMERCIFULLY, JUST TO SPICE UP A BORING DAY!

Known for their bone numbing stare, nasty chewing tobacco spitting habits and a bold swagger in their walk, rogue members of the Mississippi Highway patrol roamed the state and terrorized its inhabitants.  These ruthless patrolmen in years past turned treachery into an art form that was unmatched by any other law enforcement agency in the South.

For the record, the author wants all to know that the current and modern day Highway Patrol in Mississippi is renowned for its continuing good deeds, heroism, fairness to all races, exemplary performance and outstanding dedication to duty.  The story line is this book is in no way meant to discredit them.  However, at the time of the shootings at Jackson State, and many years previous, rogue members of the Mississippi Highway Patrol acting outside of the law and basic human decency, struck sheer terror in the hearts and minds of Black people throughout America.

This book is also an incredible story about the cause and effect of out of control racism, power and greed in the deep south.  Standing at the Edge of Madness provides a glimpse of the evil forces lurking behind the scene and follows the author’s chilling metamorphosis from a mild mannered God fearing student, to a wild young militant living life on the edge, fighting fire with fire to battle the racist system that was seeking to destroy him, for daring to stand up to it.  Standing at the Edge of Madness’ story line is continually fueled by the author’s many life threatening confrontation with these rogue members of the Mississippi Highway Patrol, and the evil ‘Powers that Be’ wielding them with deadly precision behind the scene.

“Standing at the Edge of Madness,” is also a story within a story in that it is a non-fictional account of the author’s struggle to conquer his own personal demons and find his way back to God, in spite of overwhelming odds stacked against him.  It is through the author’s eyes that the world can now travel and experience this epic journey to the ‘Edge of Madness” with him. 

In conclusion, Standing at the Edge of Madness,” is an action packed roller coaster ride that will thoroughly captivate its readers from start to finish.  It has been heralded by many as an extraordinary piece of literary work that is destined to be a best seller for many years to come!  “Standing at the Edge of Madness,” is an electrifying magic carpet ride to a period in America’s history that will never be forgotten.   ONCE YOU FINISH READING THE FIRST CHAPTER of “Standing at the Edge of Madness,” you will not want to put it down!!!


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